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  • Sauza Tequila Blanco

    Sauza Tequila Blanco


    Sauza Blanco - Clear, unaged Tequila distilled from blue agave. It delivers a taste which, while fiery and peppery, and a little hot, is closest to the agave itself. This Tequila is one of Mexico's ...

  • Sauza Tequila Gold

    Sauza Tequila Gold


    Double distilled for a smoother more mellow character, Sauza Gold Tequila is a taste of the unexpected. The fresh Agave flavour is clean and crisp with hints of sweet caramel combined with oaky ...

  • Sierra Tequila Silver

    Sierra Tequila Silver


    MexicoSierra Tequila Silver is a young, very pure, racey Tequila. Sierra Tequila is the market leader in many European countries.

  • Olmeca Tequila Blanco

    Olmeca Tequila Blanco


    Fresh herbal notes, complemented by green pepper and with a soft citric finish. Sweet and slightly smoky with a soft with a final honey flavor.

  • Olmeca Tequila Gold.jpg

    Olmeca Tequila Gold.jpg


    Pale golden color. Very fruity aroma, with notes of grapefruit and light smoke, a little wood. The taste is rich, with notes of honey, astringency of black pepper, a little smoky nuances are felt. ...

  • Olmeca Tequila Anejo 0.75L

    Olmeca Tequila Anejo 0.75L


    40% Pale amber color. Tropical fruit and floral agave aromas. A supple, satiny entry leads to a fruity medium body of fresh pineapple, brown spice, caramel, and cocoa-dusted orange peel flavors. ...

  • Tezon Tequila Anejo 0.75L

    Tezon Tequila Anejo 0.75L


    Rich and velvety, Tezon Tequila Anejo is amber in color and is aged for 18 to 20 months in seasoned white oak barrels. This Anejo is creamy and smooth, with tastes of rich butterscotch and vanilla, ...

  • Tezon Tequila Blanco 0.75L

    Tezon Tequila Blanco 0.75L


    The purest expression of the agave, Tezon Tequila Blanco is clear in color and is bottled soon after distillation. Blanco is fresh and silky, with a taste of citrus fruits with hints of honey and ...

  • Tezon Tequila Reposado 0.75 L

    Tezon Tequila Reposado 0.75 L


    Pale golden yellow color. Aromas of clay, beeswax candle, cocoa-dusted orange peel, and green olive tapenade follow through on a soft, round entry with tapioca, crystallized ginger and delicate spice ...

  • Patron Tequila Reposado

    Patron Tequila Reposado


    Patrón Reposado is a nice switch for current tequila drinkers who want a bit more complexity and smoothness of taste. Aged in oak barrels for over two months, it blends the fresh, clean taste of ...

  • Patron Tequila Silver

    Patron Tequila Silver


    Patron Silver is crystal clear, pure ultra premium tequila. This light. Fresh tequila is a favorite of tequila connoisseurs worldwide. Many prefer this smooth, soft and light tequila over aged ...

  • Sierra Tequila Gold 3 Liter

    Sierra Tequila Gold 3 Liter


    Sierra Tequila Gold is the most popular tequila quality among Mexicans. Its freshness and irresistible fruitiness is complemented by delicate notes of vanilla, caramel and wild herb aromas. This ...

  • Patron Tequila Anejo

    Patron Tequila Anejo


    Patrón Añejo is a delicate blend of uniquely aged tequilas, all aged in small white oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months. Similar to winemaking, each vintage of Patrón Añejo is carefully blended to ...

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