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  • Anush Wine

    Anush Wine


    A smooth wine with a gentle aroma, best served with desserts, after being chilled.

  • Araks Dry White Wine

    Araks Dry White Wine


    A dry white wine from the grapes - Mskhali. White wine is indispensable for various feasts. The wine is recommended to use with fish and seafood.

  • Araks - Armenian Dry Red Wine

    Araks - Armenian Dry Red Wine


    A smooth wine with a gentle aroma, best served with desserts, after being chilled.

  • Areni Yeghegnadzor

    Areni Yeghegnadzor


    Unique geographic and climatic forces have allowed the highlands of Yeghegnadzor to remain one of the very few grape growing regions in the world and give birth to divine wines.

  • Areni Marani - Armenian Wine

    Areni Marani - Armenian Wine


    Grape wine "Areni of Maran" is one of the best Armenian wines, rich and deep in taste.

  • Berdashen Wine - Armenian

    Berdashen Wine - Armenian


    The wine is filled with joy and gaiety of life; its rich flavor is marked with exquisite uniqueness.

  • Sweet Blackberry Wine

    Sweet Blackberry Wine


    This blackberry sweet wine has an intense deep red coloring complemented by an aroma of fresh cut vanilla beans and a sweet sun-ripened blackberry finish. Pairs well with spicy food or desserts. Best ...

  • Sweet desert cherry wine

    Sweet desert cherry wine


    Sweet cherry wines are more full-fruit flavored and bold, sometimes even fortified with extra alcohol to make a port or liqueur style of wine.

  • Khoran Wine - Armenian

    Khoran Wine - Armenian


    Made from native Areni grape sorts from Vayots Dzor. Producing from 2001, on behalf of the 1700 anniversary of Armenia as declaring Christianity as a national religion.

  • Muscat Grape Wine

    Muscat Grape Wine


    The Muscat grape is the world's oldest known grape variety. And the wine made with this unique type of great has a deep, rich aroma.

  • Pomegranate Semi-sweet Wine

    Pomegranate Semi-sweet Wine


    The wine is made of sweet pomegranate growing in south- eastern part of Armenia. A special technology has been developed for this wine production which allows to keep pomegranate’s characteristic ...

  • Raspberry Red Semi sweet Wine

    Raspberry Red Semi sweet Wine


    Sweet without being overbearing, the raspberry flavors grow subtly, but steadily. Perfect gift for a beloved woman.

  • Saperavi Wine - Armenian

    Saperavi Wine - Armenian


    Armenian Saperavi. Half-dessert, special red wine of grape. Condition: alcohol 16%, 5-12% sugar. The wine is made of a sort of grapes called "Saperavi".

  • Vedi Pomegranate Wine

    Vedi Pomegranate Wine


    You will taste the fresh, tangy, and fruity flavors and aromas of the super fruit known as Pomegranate. We recommend this wine be consumed shortly after purchase to fully enjoy the fresh fruit taste.

  • Vernashen Red Wine

    Vernashen Red Wine


    It is a superb wine rich in taste. A divine bouquet with a fragrance of fresh grapes, with ripe melon tones of honey, plum and bergamot. The wine is perfect for desserts and fruit. This wine will ...

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